Jihad Turk: “Unfortunately in today’s world, many Muslims are in a psychological state of despair”

Jihad Turk Hizmet Fethullah Gulen

Jihad Turk is a founding Board Member of Claremont Lincoln University. He is the President of Bayan Claremont, a graduate school designed to train Muslim scholars and religious leaders. He previously served as the Director of Religious Affairs at the Islamic Center of Southern California.

“As an American Muslim, we are a minority in this country, and the Muslims here have a very bad reputation or image, because of what goes on in the media around the world involving terrorism and other negative actions of Muslims.

And the Hizmet Movement, as an organization, with Fethullah Gulen’s inspiration for the movement, is a bright light for the Muslim-American community because of the focus of the organization in doing community service through relief work, and in focusing on education—in scientific education in particular, and also, with regards to interfaith and intercultural exchange.”


“Unfortunately in today’s world, many Muslims are in a psychological state of despair.

We feel like we’re victims because of the oppression here and terrorism and the bad image of Islam etc…

And so, because we’re victims, we have a victim mentality, that we have nothing to offer and we just kind of sit and pout and really have no hope.

But, one of the things that strike me about the Hizmet Movement is that the posture is very different, the psychology is very different.

There’s a focus… instead of on what’s going wrong with the Muslim world, what’s going wrong with humanity, the position and the posture is one of; ‘what can we do as Muslims to help make the world a better place.’ ”



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