Belgium ‘proud’ to be host as ‘colors of the world’ rocks EU capital

Colors of World Belgium

Children from across the world who participated in the 13th International Festival of Language and Culture (IFLC) performed a spectacular show in Brussels on Saturday night, drawing a large number of guests, including senior European politicians. Consisting of 350 children from a variety of countries across the world, IFLC ‘s different “Colors of the World” show in Brussels was broadcast […]

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Seizure of Islamic lender Bank Asya intensifies concerns over stability in the Turkish financial system

Bank Asya

The seizure of Islamic lender Bank Asya has intensified concerns over stability in the Turkish financial system, with opposition lawmakers and banking experts warning that the move dealt a blow to the autonomy of financial institutions that helped Turkey recover from a financial crisis in 2001 and boosted investor confidence. Turkey’s Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BDDK) announced late on […]

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Hizmet’s role in global peace, interfaith dialogue highlighted in African conference

role of the Gulen movement Hizmet movement for peace

The role of the Gulen movement, also known as the Hizmet movement, has been highlighted during an international conference held in the Republic of Benin attended by African religious leaders and intellectuals. The Gulen movement is inspired by Turkish Islamic scholar Fethullah Gulen. The conference titled, “The Role of the Hizmet Movement in Promoting a Culture of Peace by Interfaith […]

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Thought & Practice Series: A Hizmet Approach to Rooting out Violent Extremism

A Hizmet Approach to Rooting out Violent Extremism

The Centre for Hizmet Studies is delighted to launch its latest report titled ‘A Hizmet Approach to Rooting out Violent Extremism’ by Ozcan Keles and Ismail Mesut Sezgin. This is the second publication in the ‘thought and practice’ series, the first being ‘Gulen on Dialogue’. The series aims both to contribute to a more nuanced understanding of Hizmet’s thought ad […]

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IFJ representative denied permission to visit journalist Karaca in prison

Hidayet Karaca

The Justice Ministry has rejected a request from a coalition of international journalist organizations to visit imprisoned Turkish journalist Hidayet Karaca at Silivri Prison in İstanbul. Documents published by the private Cihan news agency on Saturday show that a judge turned down an official request from British journalist Barry White to visit Karaca, who has been imprisoned since Dec. 14, […]

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Fethullah Gulen: ISIS Actions Contradict Quran

Fethullah Gulen: ISIL Actions Contradict Quran

The Alliance for Shared Values, where Turkish scholar Fethullah Gulen is the honorary president, has issued a statement. Gulen has said that he deplores the brutal atrocities being committed by the terrorist group hiding behind a false religious rhetoric. “Any form of attack, suppression or persecution of minorities or innocent civilians is an act that contradicts the principles of the […]

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Gulen’s peace award: Upswing in Islam’s global image?

fethullah gulen gandhi king ikeda peace award

For centuries, the relationship between western and Islamic civilization has been edgy, due largely to the misconceptions that each of the two civilizations have for each other. Series of international debates have been held across Europe, Asia and Africa on the conflict of between Islamic and other civilizations. Traditional and new media have been awash with divergent and more often […]

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Targeted by Erdoğan, Turkish schools earn praise, offer success abroad

Gulen Schools Obama

Turkish schools established by educational volunteers affiliated with a movement inspired by teachings of Turkish scholar Fethullah Gulen receive widespread praise due to the quality of education they provide internationally, but for months they have been targeted by the Turkish president. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has waged a war against the Gülen movement since a major corruption investigation that implicated […]

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